We hate to break it to you, but summer is over and it’s time to head back to school and work. We know it’s hard to say goodbye to days of lounging by the pool and working on your tan, but fall has its perks too. In between apple picking, eating and sipping PSLs we’re betting you’ll also be hitting the books. For this DIY, we’ve created a lap desk that will make working by the fireplace much more enjoyable. We pinky promise that this DIY will take you no time at all. All you college gals out there — you can even make and customize these for all your besties!



– wood board

– fabric

– fiber stuffing

– paint

– paint pen


– fabric scissors

– staple gun

– hot glue gun

– paint brush



1. Paint or stain your wood. Add text or a pattern, using paint pens or other colors of paint.

2. Lay your board on top of your fabric and cut a rectangle that measures an extra five inches on each side.

3. Fold the fabric under to create a smooth line and then staple onto the two long edges of the wood board.

4. Wrap the fabric around the shorter end of the wood and staple in place. Fold as if you were wrapping a present and then staple.

5. Stuff the pouch with fiber fill and then seal up the last side with the staple gun.

6. Use a hot glue gun to add a “speed bump” to your lap desk to hold onto your cell phone.


We picked up a scrap piece of wood from the hardware store for $2.00. Sand down the wood and paint or stain to prepare it for a beautiful lap desk.


Jazz up your board with a fun pattern or cute text. We decided to use the paint pen to add plus sign details.


Lay your board on top of your fabric and cut a piece that measures about five extra inches on each side.


Fold the fabric under to create a smooth line and staple onto the edge of the wood. Staple it onto the two longest edges first.


Wrap the edges around the smaller sides of the wood and then staple in place. Then fold the opening, as if you were wrapping a present, and staple into place. You will want to make sure that there is a staple directly on the corner of the fold.


Before closing up the other side, stuff with fiber fill to give yourself a nice cushiony lap desk.


Hack alert! Use hot glue to create a ledge for your phone. Use paint pens to turn it into a ledge instead of just a line of glue.


This little lap desk will be perfect for your dorm room.


Ditch the patterns and decorate the top of your desk with fun typography. Hey, Mom – Text me!


Sarah from the marketing team joined us for this photo shoot. She loved that she could keep catching up on emails while we were shooting!


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Are you headed back to college this year? What other DIY tutorials would you like to see for your dorm room? Let us know in the comments below!

DIY – Kelly Bryden

Modeling – Sarah Vogt

Photography – Kurt Andre