The can. It’s your go-to when you’re out of groceries, feeling lazy, or frankly, when you’re a bit of a novice in the kitchen. We have to admit that we were inspired by Men’s Health and their infamous cookbook, A Man, a can a Plan. They really do say it best:

“Sometimes you want a break from the local Burger-Rama. Sometimes you want a decent home-cooked meal.

Not worth it, you say? It is if you use the can. The can is fast. The can is healthy. It’s even cheaper than that Burger-Rama mega-deal. The can holds the secret to every great guy meal.

When you come home from an insane day at work and open the fridge to find nothing but a slice of 3-week-old pizza, remember the can. If the guys are coming over to watch the game and you need some food to throw at the TV, turn to the can. When your girl insists that you cook something for a change, you’ve got it in the can.”

Many think that foods like Spaghettios are as gourmet as cans get, but did you know you can make an entire veggie pizza out of canned foods? I took my good friend, Brett, a 26-year-old bachelor in SF, and showed him just how easy it was to rock a white bean, spinach and artichoke pizza from canned goods.

Check out the video to see how it’s done!

What other types of pizza could you make this way? You could surely buy some tomato sauce in a can to make a more typical pizza. What would you add on top? Share your comments and ideas below!