An organized closet is the stuff of dreams. It makes life easier when you can find exactly what you want to wear and the right bag and shoes without having to dig through a giant mess. Don鈥檛 fret if your current closet situation is more of an eyesore than you鈥檇 like (have you tried organizing based on your style?). We鈥檝e got tips galore to detox that clutter mountain (AKA your closet). We asked BFFs Brittney Ben Moshe and Ali Macer for their best closet organizing tips. Ben Moshe and Macer are the co-founders of StyleLab 鈥 an on-demand personal stylist and shopper service 鈥 and have even whipped my own closet into shape.

1. Purge. First things first: Purge your closet. If you haven鈥檛 worn an item in a year, donate or sell it. Only keep pieces that make you happy. 鈥淲hy keep it if it doesn鈥檛 bring you joy?鈥 asks Ben Moshe. 鈥淜eep things that you love and feel great in. Clothes that make you feel confident are key.鈥 If there鈥檚 a piece that you can鈥檛 bear to part with, the stylist duo recommends turning the hanger with the item on it the opposite direction of the rest of the clothes in your closet. 鈥淕ive it a month,鈥 recommends Macer. 鈥淚f you didn鈥檛 wear it, let it go.鈥

2. Categorize and color-coordinate. Ben Moshe and Macer like to keep their closets organized by category: all blouses together, pants together, dresses, etc. That way, if you鈥檙e looking for a specific item, you can quickly find it in the right section. Once you鈥檝e categorized your wardrobe, color coordinate each category. 鈥淪tart with light colors and slowly move to darker,鈥 Macer suggests.

3. Preselect outfits. If you struggle to pull together an outfit in the morning, take some time the previous evening to preselect what you want to wear the next day and put it all on one hanger. 鈥淔or example, some of our clients like outfits prepped, so we pair a bottom with two top options, a belt, and a necklace all on one hanger,鈥 says Ben Moshe.

4. Take out random hangers. Switch them out with velvet hangers, which are instant space-savers. If you have a tiny closet, Macer recommends doubling up two pairs of pants per hanger or even using a tiered pant hanger to keep things organized.

5. Wrangle your shoe collection. Store shoes with one pair facing forward and another pair facing back. If you have more shoes than you can find room for, a shoe organizer and this technique will save you some space. Parting ways with any pairs of shoes that you haven鈥檛 worn recently is another great way to declutter. If you鈥檙e storing your shoes in your closet, Ben Moshe recommends buying an odor eliminator to keep your closet (and your clothes) smelling fresh.

6. Snag some organizing tools. StyleLab stylist Chlo茅e O鈥橦ayon-Crosby says that belt hangers are a fantastic purchase that save a ton of closet space. In fact, they鈥檙e her favorite closet organizer. Ben Moshe favors baskets for belts and other accessories. 鈥Drawer dividers are great for bigger dressers to keep things in their lane,鈥 shares Macer.

7. Roll clothes to save space. If you鈥檙e tight on space, roll your clothes. 鈥淲e love rolling all of our workout clothes,鈥 Ben Moshe tells us. When you鈥檙e packing for a trip, this trick is also super-handy to squeeze all the space you can out of your suitcase.

8. Cultivate this simple organizing habit. The best way to keep your newly reorganized closet in tip-top shape is to always put your clothes back right away. 鈥淚f you get into this habit, you will be surprised how long your work will last,鈥 encourages Macer.

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