Ever since Cher Horowitz’s closet in Clueless graced our screens in ’95, the world of walk-in organization has been major life #goals. But even if you’re not working with quite that much real estate (or, let’s face it, funds), you can still give your sweaters, shoes, and trendy accessories a place to call their own. All you need are a couple decluttering DIYs, a few clever organizational hacks, and a little inspo. Get started with the super organized closets and tips below and get ready to purge, purge, purge.

1. Extend Your Closet: If you don’t have a door on your closet, it’s *crucial* to keep everything organized since it’s on full display. Make sure nothing is overflowing from shelves or shoved onto overcrowded racks. Then add a small rug in your open closet to help visually extend this area of your home and make it feel bigger. Hang additional accessories just outside the closet to complete the look. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Hooks Galore: When it’s time to get organized, hooks are your absolute best friends. Tangled jewelry, missing handbags, and crushed hat disasters are all avoidable if you can devote wall space to tiny hooks. Not only will all of your fave accessories be right at your fingertips, but your closet will also look perfectly styled. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Add Your Personal Style: A traditional feminine look is always chic, but if you’re a little more boho IRL, give your closet the full treatment and decorate it just as you would any other room in your home. Bring in shaggy rugs and wood stools to help tie your laid-back closet together. (via Apartment Therapy)

4. Extra Storage: If your closet needs some help in terms of storage, look no further than a minimalist rack and shelf option. Keep your off-season duds up high and your everyday basics in an easily accessible spot. Assembling that flawless #OOTD will be easier than ever. (via Avenue Lifestyle)

5. More Is More: If you have a big enough closet, designate half to your clothes and half to shoes and bags. Keep a few extra hooks handy to hang your longer dresses and avoid pesky wrinkles *and* make your closet permanently feel like a girly fitting room. (via Brooklyn Blonde)

6. Boutique Chic: This closet looks as if it fell right out of a chic Parisian boutique. If you don’t have the budget to do a total closet overhaul, bring in multi-level racks and *tons* of drawers to keep your clothes neat and tidy. Adding a few coffee table books and plants will really make your space feel luxurious, and a throw rug will pull it all together. (via Christina Dueholm)

7. Add Decor: Little improvements like patterned wallpaper, trendy mirrors, and trinket trays will amplify your space’s potential for amazingness. (via Erin Spain)

8. Workspace Hybrid: When you can’t decide between having an at-home office or a walk-in closet — choose both. The two spaces pair surprisingly well with one another and leave you with tons of options of how you can go about setting up this new room. If you’re working alongside your storage, you *definitely* have to make sure there’s no clutter to distract you. Use baskets to keep any loose ends neatly stored so they’re not in your line of vision while at your desk. (via Goop)

9. Accessories on Display: Your collection of purses and wallets can get pretty big, but there’s no reason to let it simply pile up in a corner. Create a vignette of your most beautiful items to dress your closet to look as good as you do. Stack books to display your perfume bottles and layer smaller accessories. Mix and match until you reach those #shelfie goals. (via Kate la Vie)

10. Design to Perfection: Designate separate areas for long dresses, shirts, and tiny accessories. Add a plush rug and a statement chair to make your dressing area feel totally opulent. (via Lark and Linen)

11. Showcase Favorites: If you already have an organized closet, install a hook or two on open wall space to display a few of your favorite pieces. (via Pink Peonies)

12. Organized Essentials: Lucite compartments were practically made for storing small accessories. Tuck your sunglasses and jewelry away until you’re ready to add the finishing touches to your outfit. (via SS Life + Style)

13. Add a Dresser: If there’s room under your shelves, move a dresser into the closet. Keep your skivvies in a drawer to eliminate overflow, and decorate the top to create a makeshift vanity with a mirror. (via The Everygirl)

14. Amazing Minimalism: Whether your closet is teeny tiny or huge, going the minimalist route creates a clean, calming vibe. Hang items that wrinkle easily or that are too bulky to fold and store folded items in bins. While you may be inclined to shove your jeans into a drawer, folding and keeping them stacked on a shelf looks cute AF. (via Unfancy)

15. Color Coded: If you love the clean look of neutrals, this closet may just bring you to tears. Group similar shades to give it a structured look. Hang your most delicate pieces and store everyday essentials on shelves. T-shirts, tank tops, and bathing suits can all be neatly kept in baskets to keep them out of sight. (via Who What Wear)

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