Most of us have a signature scent, but did you know that how you apply your go-to can actually reveal more than the perfume itself? Yeah, you read that right — the way you wear your fave fragrance can be reflective of your personality. Do you instinctively hit the nape of your neck, followed by the wrists, or are you more of a cloud sprayer? We consulted the industry’s top experts to learn a thing or two about the art of the application.

if You Spray Directly On Your Neck

The practice is both intoxicating and deeply personal. “Fragrance is supposed to pulse around you and leave a trail, but at the same time be just for you,” says Fine Fragrances Perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer. Chances are you are flirty, but still a bit guarded. Looking for the perfect match to your type?

Brit + Co Pick: The iconic HERMÈS Eau des Merveilles ($108) is a sparkling and warm perfume (co-created in 2004 by Feisthauer, no less) that was built on a woody amber accord to mesmerize all that come in its path — perfect for the nape of your neck.

if You Spray Objects

Spraying your clothes or objects with a preferred scent is associated with memory, Feisthauer explains. You value sentimentality and cherished mementos, which is why you love to let your scent linger. “You can also use fragrance memory recognition to your advantage by leaving scented objects for your lover,” she says. Try placing the item somewhere special in order to attract the one you want to seduce.

Brit + Co Pick: Patented to preserve the fragrance after you spray it, the Sous le Manteau (slm) Medallion ($34) may be worn as an accessory, placed under the pillow, in someone’s pocket, or simply displayed on a perfume bottle.

if You Only Wear One Signature Scent

“Wearing many perfumes today is normal (because there are so many quality products to choose from), but when you wear just one perfume, you want to feel protected and safe,” says Coach Fragrance Developer Sonia Constant. Sticking by one scent is a sign that you are loyal, consistent, and find comfort in routine.

Brit + Co Pick: The Coach Girl Eau de Toilette ($52) is a fragrance full of contrasts. It opens with fresh pear, before giving way to white Alba roses, and drying down to a sensual cedarwood base note that is poised to become your go-to.

if You Spray The Insides of Your Wrists, Then Rub 

Even if the perfume industry doesn’t recommend this (because the friction alters the release of a fragrance’s top notes, therefore not giving you an accurate assessment), slm and Attache-Moi Creative Director Olivia Bransbourg likes the technique. “There is generosity in the act… a desire for exchange,” she says. Ladies who love this ritual have an inherent desire to share thoughts and emotions with trusted allies.

Brit + Co Pick: Spritzing Attache-Moi ($145) (meaning “tie me up” when translated from French) is an olfactive treat made of amber, musk, and lush wood tones that draw people close to you for conversation.

if You Spray a Cloud in Front of You 

“This means that you want to be noticed,” says Mark Knitowski, Senior Vice President of Product Innovations at Victoria’s Secret Beauty. “Fragrance covering your body as you walk through it is a sign of you taking on anything the world has to offer and that you can conquer it. The fragrance screams ‘I AM HERE’ but it’s also a way to create your own private bubble or cocoon.”

Brit + Co Pick: The fresh, new scent of Victoria’s Secret Crush Eau de Parfum ($52) merges playful florals (like Treasure peony) with sexy spice (pink peppercorn) for a unique blend that’s sure to make heads turn — just like you planned.

if You Spray Your Legs

“In the summer on very hot days, I perfume my legs,” says Bransbourg. “I like to imagine the contact of my legs when they walk and how they will rub some particles of the scent along their way.” Consider this your love potion number nine that works to seduce on the sly as you go about your day. You like to get your fair share of attention but on your own terms.

Brit + Co Pick: Based on an original love potion recipe from the 19th century in France, slm Fontaine Royale ($120) is an intoxicating fragrance dressed with bergamot oil, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, musk, and many other bewitching notes.

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