Earth Day is just around the corner, and IKEA wants to help you celebrate in style with a Sustainable Living Your Way event. On Saturday April 22, 2017 from 9:30am to 6:00pm, certain IKEA US stores will be accepting furniture donations in partnership with Goodwill, along with hosting giveaways, giving workshops, and putting on fun games to encourage sustainable living.

What fun things can you expect at IKEA’s Earth Day event? First of all, there’s a Furniture Take-Back Program where you can bring in any used furniture you’re just not loving anymore. After all, you gotta make room for some new spring pieces, right? IKEA’s partnership with Goodwill is a great way to provide an “environmentally responsible end-of-life solution” for those old tables and chairs that you’ve been looking to shed. The best part? All consumers who turn in used furniture will receive a coupon for $20 off a $150 IKEA purchase. Talk about motivation to purge!

Once you’ve dumped off your old furniture in the parking lot, get your appetite under control with IKEA’s food offers. For one day only, you can save on delicious, sustainable, and nutritionally balanced food offerings at the IKEA Restaurant and in the Swedish Food Market. Grab a free cup of coffee, then head over to the restaurant to nom on a Swedish-American breakfast for under $2, lunch for under $4, and any meatball plate with soup, salad, or dessert for $5. YUM!

When you’re stuffed with meatballs and pancakes, check out the in-store activities and workshops where you can learn how to live a more #greengoddess lifestyle. Don’t worry; you won’t find any dry lectures here. IKEA is offering fun games and prizes that the whole family can enjoy. Get your competitive side going with an LED Lightbulb Digital Game or whip out the crayons for the Småland Video and Coloring Sheets. And of course, collect all the goodies. The first 500 IKEA FAMILY members to check in get LED lightbulb two-packs, and all IKEA FAMILY members get free coffee (it’s free to join!) and can enter for a chance to win a new SLADDA bicycle or a $100 gift card. Hello, freebies!

Ready to celebrate Earth Day with IKEA? For more information on their Sustainable Living Your Way event, including specific activities and offers at your local store, check out the Sustainable Living website and share your experiences via social media with the #IKEAYourWay hashtag. The event is free to attend, but you’ll want to RSVP on Eventbrite to ensure IKEA has enough meatballs to go around!

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(Photos via IKEA)