Last year, IKEA hinted at a super secret collab with Tom Dixon, but the only thing we really knew was that they were working on some sort of convertible furniture. Now, the relationship is totes official, and in August 2017, IKEA will launch a brand new, versatile seating solution — DELAKTIG — that will “redefine the concept of comfort in the modern home.” That’s a fancy way of saying this sofa is hackable AF.

IKEA understands that people’s needs and lives are constantly changing. With people living in tinier spaces all the time, they want furniture that can move and function in a variety of ways. The living room is now a place to eat, Netflix, relax, and throw themed cocktail parties. So when it came to designing multi-functional furniture, IKEA picked Tim Dixon for his expertise on elegant style and innovative comfort.

IKEA and Dixon decided to focus mainly on the seating situation. Since the living room has to function in so many different ways, they wanted to build a system that made it possible to create — AKA, hack — your couch for any situation. DELAKTIG is designed specifically for relaxing and socializing, but can transform into a bed and turn your entertaining space into a guest room. Yep, it’s like your old college futon, but way, way cooler. Made of aluminum, the sofa is designed so you can create add-ons like pillows, covers, lamps, and sideboards to make it *so* you. If there was ever a sofa made for hacking, it’s the DELAKTIG.

The DELAKTIG sofa will be available in the US beginning in winter 2018 — and we are totally counting down the days! Until then, start dreaming about all the possibilities this sofa will bring to your living space.

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(Photos via IKEA)