Of all the fun things you’ll be doing this summer, tackling IKEA hacks might just be the most rewarding. Aside from *perfecting* those DIY skills, you’ll be able to spruce up your home for summer with everything from colorful, bold blooms to muted beach tones. Whatever IKEA item you’ve had for far too long, this roundup of hacks is sure to meet your home makeover and budget needs. Keep reading for 15 IKEA organization hacks and decor ideas you need to try this summer.


1. Color Block Storage: There’s nothing quite as striking as a bright pop of color against bare white walls. In this case, it’s pop(s) of color. With cabinets this colorful, no one will think twice about the potential clutter hiding behind those closed doors. Whew. (via Sugar & Cloth)


2. Painted Basket: Not all of us get creative when it comes to storage, especially when it’s not a dresser or a bookshelf. To avoid falling into the trap of drab boxes and baskets, upgrade your basic IKEA basket with various acrylic paints and a pom pom tassel that’s sure to brighten up the room. (via Tell Love and Party)


3. Modern Indoor Planter: Experimenting with dimension can dramatically change the appearance of a space. This DIY modern planter does just that with a little bit of paint and slabs of balsa wood. (via Tell Love and Party)

painted chair

4. Painted Chair: If you’ve had the same old IKEA chair forever without knowing what to do with it, consider giving it a pattern with some paint. You don’t have to replicate this whimsical print. Just find a pattern that speaks to you, grab that soft fabric paint and paint away! (via Sugar & Cloth)

coffee table

5. Coffee Table: It’s hard to believe that this sleek coffee table began as a wooden board and a couple of IKEA Lerberg stands. For a minimalist + modern vibe, stick to a similar palette throughout will light wood and white legs. (via Weekday Carnvial)


6. Geometric Pinboards: Spruce up your workspace with a couple of bright and playful pinboards made from IKEA’s Vaggis noticeboards. Take on the geometric trend or try your hand at different patterns. (via Enthralling Gumption)


7. Wallpaper Stools: Using removable wallpaper, cover the surfaces of your IKEA step stool to transform it into something that resembles a piece of art more than the ordinary stool it was before. Pro tip: To prolong the life of your project, finish the look off with varnish. (via This Little Street)

acadia wood plant stand

8. Acacia Wood Plant Stand: Turn IKEA’s basic plant stand into your space’s focal point with this ingenious hack that swaps out the given plates for those you prefer. Acacia wood plates were used here, but you can choose from a variety of mismatched, ceramic or simply spray painted versions of the given ones. (via Sugar & Cloth)

pink dresser

9. Pink Dresser: For a feminine touch, paint your IKEA drawer a shade of pastel pink. To maintain a similar modern look, avoid sanding the corners to get that rustic vibe. (via The Glitter Guide)

fabric decoupaged office chair

10. Fabric Decoupaged Office Chair: This inexpensive alternative to an upholstered office chair combines pretty fabric and spray paint with an IKEA chair. To hack your own, spray paint the legs gold, the back coral and then get on with the decoupage. Don’t forget to seal the finished look using some kind of a protective finish. (via Little Green Notebook)


11. Studio Desk: Hacked together from a few different IKEA parts, this contemporary studio desk looks just as refined as if it had been purchased that way. Its slightly tapered legs give it the modern look while the supporting drawers provide the practical storage space you need. (via Lovely Indeed)

glam ikea chair hack

12. Glam Office Chair: Like we mentioned before, one should never underestimate the power of a bold color against an all-white backdrop. The beautiful blue of the chair along with the metallic gold wheels keep the rest of the white workspace from falling flat, and even uses the lack of color to its decorative advantage. (via Popsugar)

tassel blanket

13. Tassel Blanket: A basic beige IKEA blanket is turned into an adorable throw with neon pink tassels that cost about $11 in total. The personalized touch makes this throw into the perfect picnic blanket, living room throw or gift for your friends! (via Tell Love and Party)

ombre candle votives

14. Ombre Candle Votives: Give a modern finish to these already prettily designed candle holders with an ombre effect. To achieve the look, simply spray paint the tip of the candle holders and let dry. (via The House That Lars Built)


15. Paper Strip Tray: This wooden IKEA tray gets a serious makeover with something as simple as various colored strips of card. Pro tip: For trays with a glossy or varnished finish, use sand paper to roughen up the surface before applying the glue. (via Say Yes)

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