This is the year of living your best life, and with that comes making good decisions that lead to a healthy, happy and all-around improved lifestyle. These efforts can also be summed up in one word: adulting. While the associated feels can often be overwhelming, intimidating and even exhilarating, the effort to lead a more grown-up life doesn’t have to be. Don’t worry — we got you! We’re partnering up with IKEA® to give you some simple, fun ways to liven up and refresh your living space, starting with your room. So hit play to check out the five easy steps to a better bedroom.

Still looking for more tips and tricks for home organization? Scroll on for more details, and be sure to check out the IKEA® 2017 Stress-Free Organization Guide for the ultimate inspo.

How does one go from this…


…to this? Let us show you how.


Step 1: Clean Up Your Clutter


Let’s be real: Life gets busy sometimes, and a messy room is just a part of that reality. But first things first, time to tidy up that mess! That means putting shoes where they belong, hanging clothes up and going out with the old to make room for the new. Plus, if you take a trip to your local donation center, you’ll be doing your part to give back. Next up, is finding where to put all of your stuff! We’ve got you covered — keep scrolling to find out how.

Step 2: Customize Your Closet Space


Now that you’ve got your space in the right place, you want to make sure you pick the right storage that suits your needs. We’re big fans of this IKEA® ALGOT open shelving system. There are so many options with the ALGOT series that you can combine them in different ways to easily adapt to your needs and space. AND since you only need to click in the brackets, shelves and accessories, it is easy to assemble, adjust and change your storage solution.


It even has an attachable mirror to help you make sure you’re looking your best.

Step 3: Simplify Your Wardrobe


Time to fill your closet! Keep it clean and simple by creating the perfect capsule wardrobe with staple pieces that all work well together. Check out this Organizing Cheat Sheet for more details on how to create a streamlined closet.

Step 4: Coordinate Your Decor Colors


To really freshen up your same ol’ look, select some bright new items to tie the room together. You want to create a space that you’ll actually hang out in. After all, your room is an extension of you! Keep it quirky, colorful and fun. We picked a bright yellow clock and chair to add a nice pop of color, while using black and white patterns to bring it all together.

Step 5: Live Your Best Life


Now that you’ve got your closet game together, it’s time to sit back and enjoy. Bask in all the glory of your new grown-up space and celebrate! You can also keep the organizing party going by tackling other areas of your house. Be sure to check out the IKEA® 2017 Stress-Free Organization Guide for tips on where to go next.

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Producer: Katie Booker

Styling: Alonna Morrison

Video Filming + Production: Ryan Shelley, Justin Gallagher + Cody Towner

Photography: Brittany Griffin

Model: Marisa Kumtong