We know, we know. The whole “now you can control this from your phone” thing is getting kind of out of hand, but we can’t help but being baffled each time a new gadget comes out. The rockstar this time? iKettle, a kettle that you can control from, wait for it… your phone!

You know how the best part of waking up is a hot cuppa somethin’? What if you could get that kettle boiling the minute you woke up? Or, better yet, what if your alarm actually offered to make a cup of tea for you? For real.

Wake mode gently wakes you up and begs the question, “Good morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on?” It’s like having Rosie from the Jetsons there to start your day. Hit “Yes” and you can safely drift back into slumber until your kettle pings you one more time to ask if you’re ready to get up or want the water kept warm for a little while. How genius is that?

If you’re a professional drinker of hot drinks, perhaps you’re a little finicky when it comes to the perfect temperature? Well, the iKettle’s got you covered there too. With four tailored and precise temperature settings, you can choose just what you want depending on the time of day, temperature outside, or what it is you’re brewing.

The iKettle setup involves a WiFi-enabled kettle and complementary app. Simply set up the pairing, and you’re ready for tea time! It’s currently available for pre-order over on Firebox for $160. Kind of steep (get it?!) for a teapot, but we’re loving this trend in tech for the home.

What do you think of the iKettle? What about the automated home movement in general? Talk to us in the comments below.