Instagram ditched the square and expanded our options to landscape and portrait last week. They also took away Custom Locations. Now they’re trying to make us forget about that buzzkill of an update once more with its latest moves, improvements to Instagram Direct.

instagram direct group messaging

Today, Instagram shared a handful of new functions to its direct messaging feature. Namely threaded messages. Trust us, this is a blessing.

Gone are the days of individually uploading a new shot to begin a solo or group private message because now convo starting is more efficient than ever before.

instagram direct group messaging

The new threaded messaging feature essentially works like texting. All you have to do is start the conversation by either uploading a selfie or a gorgeous vacation shot, add the people you want in the conversation and talk away. Then to keep the chat going with new pictures either use the new camera feature within that current message to share a selfie immediately or play with the latest button — an arrow — popping up under every Instagram snap next to those like and comment icons to forward it to your DM people. Interested in following that shared account? Click it and you’ll end up on said Instagram feed.

Even more exciting is the ability to name your groups (hey, cat ladies!), share hashtag and location pages and the ability to respond to all the things being shared with larger than usual emoji.

Have no fear, privacy protecting people, as the current policies don’t change. For example, if your account is on lockdown and it’s shared, only the people who you’ve accepted as a follower within a private group message will be able to view your content. PHEW!

We’re so into all of these recent updates from Instagram but can you please, please, please release a feature to toggle between multiple accounts. We’ll love you and use you forever and ever, Instagram <3

Instagram version 7.5 is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Are you pumped about these Instagram Direct updates or are they not even worth a double tap to you? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Instagram)