Are you sitting down? Because you may want to be for the Instagram news we鈥檙e about to deliver to you.

With its latest update, 7.4.1 on both Android and iOS devices, you can no longer add custom locations to your scenic shots or silly selfies. Yep, that鈥檚 right giving your blog URL, Twitter handle, Snapchat name, etc. that extra promo is no longer a thing on the photo sharing social media outlet. *Cue tears of literally every single person across the world.*

instagram custom locations removed

Though the days of adding a punny location name to your images are donezo , the reasoning behind it is totally legit. NGL we鈥檙e still mad at you, Instagram, even if you did it for smart reasons.

According to The Next Web , the Custom Locations feature being removed has a direct correlation with the recently launched 鈥淧laces search鈥 function. Clearly Instagram wants to create an easily searchable archive for locations everyone can visit IRL, so they鈥檙e ditching the fake ones. It makes sense because now when you go geotag that selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower a million misspellings and alternate names won鈥檛 pop up alongside the actual location. But we will miss cleverly naming our apartments鈥 Spoiler alert: mine was Shady Palms.

While we think the move does make total sense, others don鈥檛 feel that way. Taking a quick scroll through some recent iOS app reviews it appears people are preeeeety upset about this switch so we鈥檒l keep an eye on this situation to see if Instagram changes its tune and decides to appease the masses and bring this feature back. Until then you can find us shopping the square snaps ;)

What are your thoughts on Instagram removing Custom Locations as a feature? Share them with us in the comments.

(h/t The Next Web )