Weddings are a whirlwind. It doesn’t matter how much you try to soak up every moment, there’s no way you can take it all in. So, short of handing out disposable cameras to guests (so ’90s), how do you capture every can’t-miss moment of your big day? It’s simple, really. Encourage your friends to take as many pictures as they want — and Instagram them! The most exciting part will be seeing things you missed — the groomsmen trying to figure out how to tie their bow ties, the guest’s reactions during the kiss, happy faces, sincere smiles and candid laughs. Check out these 17 ways you can share your event’s hashtag, and discover how memories of your perfect day can live happily ever after.

1. Hashtag Tray: Use for drinks, the guestbook or your centerpiece — whatever way you go, this will help you get those letters in front of your guests’ faces. (via Brit + Co)

2. Instacard: Make the Instagram announcement personal. Hand out Instacards to clue guests in on the hashtag they should use. (via Eat Sleep Cuddle)

3. Gold-Framed Sign: Go for a touch of glam with a gold-framed sign. (via Amanda McKinnon)

4. Sign with Balloons: Here’s an awesome sign you need at your wedding. We love how effortlessly those balloons capture our attention! (via Justin Demutiis Photography)

5. Garland: It ain’t a wedding unless you have at least one bit of garland. Make the decorating pull double duty. (via Brit + Co)

6. Framed Chalkboard Sign: Remind everyone to get their amateur photography skills in motion and share their shots using #thecoupleshashtag. (via The Nichols)

7. Sign With Flowers: Give guests something to do when they’re not on the dance floor. We’re swooning over this floral-bedecked Instagram sign. (via W&E Photographie)

8. Wooden Arrow Sign: Here’s a telltale sign it’s going to be a great day. Welcome your guests and charm them into capturing your wedding’s most special moments with a lovely wooden sign like this one. (via Daniel Lateulade)

9. Punch Jar: People gravitate toward the bar, or other places where they can wet their whistle. Take advantage of your audience by putting a hashtag on it! (via Brit + Co)

10. DIY Instagram Stirrers: These sweet little stirrers are ideal for reminding guests to get on their Instagram. This photo prompter costs only pennies to make! (via Ruffled)

11. Gold Instagram Sign: Make it easy for guests to share their photos and document your wedding in real time on Instagram. Share your hashtag with a gold and glass sign. (via Rebecca Arthurs)

12. Chalkboard Sign: Time to start brainstorming the perfect hashtag, because you’ve found the perfect way to share it. (via Fab You Bliss)

13. Pillow: You’re going to need to have at least one lounge area at your nuptials for guests to take a load off after hours of kicking up their heels. Rather than buying or renting generic pillows, get on this no-sew DIY project. (via Brit + Co)

14. Washi Tape Sign: Oh, washi tape, we love how you dress up this wedding sign. This is such a simple DIY. (via Wedding Chicks)

15. Wood Calligraphy Sign: Get a friend with calligraphy skills to paint your hashtag on a rustic wooden sign. That white lettering looks so incredibly elegant. (via Loft Photographie)

16. Oh Snap Instagram Sign: Who doesn’t love Instagram? Your guests will jump at the chance to get in on the photo fun. Share your hashtag with a cute and clever “Oh snap!” (via Moha Photography)

17. Cake Topper: If you’re as committed to your hashtag as you are to each other, forget a symbolic cake topper and let your picture-gathering ambitions take the cake. (via Brit + Co)

What awesome signs are you DIYing for your wedding? Share your ideas in the comments!