Wedding hashtags have become a must. Even couples who don’t designate one themselves end up with regrets because their friends use a dozen different ones or, worse, a super embarrassing one that features your extremely inappropriate nickname from college.

But even if you use a wedding hashtag, how can you guarantee your guests will use it? Plaster it everywhere! Put it on your cake, put it on your punch and put it on the pillows in the late-night lounge space. Maybe you don’t need to do all of those at once, but each are a great way to get your hashtag out there. We’ve teamed up with Target Wedding Registry to share five DIY ways to make your wedding hashtag stand out.

And guess what? Starting today, we’ve created a brand new social integration on Weduary that lets you create a feed of everything tagged with your hashtag. You can even list multiple hashtags.

#acornwedding for the win! Now, let’s DIY it up.

For a bunch of these projects, we enlisted the help of a Cricut! This handy machine lets you cut out stencils and designs in a jiffy. In fact, you should probably register for one ASAP ;)

1. Hashtag Tray

For this project, we used cut out vinyl decals that say #acornwedding. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can do the same thing with an exacto knife. After getting decals prepped, we applied them carefully to a wooden tray.

At your wedding, you can use this for drinks, for the guestbook or even as a centerpiece filled with plants and what not.

2. Hashtag Garland

Next up, how awesome is this banner?! We cut the letters of the hashtag out of card stock in our favorite colors. Use tape to attach to a piece of twine, and hang!

Looks pretty good in our reception area, don’t you think? ;)

3. Hashtag Punch Jar

What’s the most popular gathering spot at a wedding? The bar, of course! So it’s a great place to share your hashtag — who really needs to know what’s in that punch anyway? To add this personalization, we created a stencil and then transferred it onto the chalkboard area of this beverage dispenser using a chalkboard pen.


4. Hashtag Pillow

If you’ve got a lounge area at the wedding, then you’re gonna need some pillows. We whipped up a few DIY pillows with nothing but fabric, stuffing and our sewing machine. Simply sew all the way around, leaving about three inches for turning inside out and stuffing. Before stuffing, use a stencil and fabric paint to add the hashtag to your pillowcase. Then stuff and sew the open end. Done!

Perhaps a late night pillow fight is in your future?

5. Hashtag Cake Topper

And finally, wear your hashtag loud and proud right atop your cake! Or maybe on one of the side cakes. You have those, right? We created this custom cake topper on our laser cutter.

So insta-worthy!

Did you have a hashtag at your wedding? Or, if you’re getting married in the future, will you? Don’t forget to link up on your Weduary website so that you have an ongoing feed of pics from your wedding!

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.