My, my. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you around these parts, iPod Touch. Indeed, the last generation of Apple’s own handy little music machine came out in 2012. After that, it looked like it was going to be discontinued and left behind in Apple’s ever-growing roster of gadgets. Well, we were all wrong. According to Apple’s latest press release, not only is the iPod Touch back RIGHT NOW, but it’s bigger and better than ever.


Apple rolled out a whole new set of colors for the new iPod Touch: space gray, silver, gold, pink, blue and its exclusive red, for Apple’s ongoing collaboration with the (RED) campaign. You could pretty much use the iPod Touch as a phone (alert, alert, travelers and kiddies whose ‘rents won’t get them an iPhone yet). The new gadget is WiFi-enabled and comes with a superpowered 8-megapixel camera and an HD front-facing camera for even better FaceTiming. Of course, it’ll also be packing some serious power — it’s built using the same chip that’s in the iPhone 6, the A8.


It kinda makes you want to invite the whole family — oh wait, Apple did. The new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle. Yup, gang’s all here.

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(Photos via Apple)