It’s the middle of the month and you know what that means, time for January Brit Kits! This time we’ve got 3 awesome projects for you to create, and a special goodie from the folks at Minted.

In this month’s kit, we’ve equipped you with the tools to create your own Cross-Stitch Card, complete with a template that you can use on as many cards or gift boxes as you like, perfect for Valentine’s Day. And then we’ve got Hex Nut Accessories. In addition to a whole bunch of hex nuts, this box includes everything you need to make a braided bracelet and pendant necklace. So fun!

Each kit contains:
 – cross-stitch heart template

– needles

– red embroidery floss

– white card + envelope

– 6 medium hex nuts

– 14 small hex nuts

– 2 feet of gold chain

– 3 yards of suede cord

– 1 spool of brass artistic wire

Oh, and let’s not forget our bonus from Minted. Minted is a website that’s all about great design and customization, in the form of stationery. Best known for awesome wedding invites, thank you notes, and save the dates, they’ve got a whole arsenal of awesome card templates just ready for your special touch. This month’s Brit Kit includes a 15% discount card off custom cards for Valentine’s Day.

You might be wondering, what’s with the new box? Since this month has gifts for your special someone top of mind, we figured why not give you a box you can reuse as a, wait for it, gift box?! :)

These are also great boxes for storing all those teeny tiny craft supplies that are easy to misplace. Now, back to what’s inside!

For more on how to create your cross-stitch cards, head to our Cross-Stitch Valentines tutorial.

How chic is this hex nut pendant? Full how-to here.

And we’re loving this take on the friendship bracelet.

As always, our Brit Kits elves have been hard at work this week getting everything shipped off to you – we hope you enjoy it!

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