Folks, Valentine’s Day is exactly one month away! This means it’s time to start thinking of creative goodies and DIY projects to give to your loved ones. But what good is the perfect present without the perfect wrapping or card? Here are 3 simple ways to cross-stitch your gift cards, boxes, and bags. And yes, these will definitely leave your Valentine in stitches ;)

 – painter’s tape

– needle

– red embroidery floss

– muslin bag

– gift box

– card

template for “Like” and cross-stitch heart

We’ll start things off with a simple custom gift bag. We used painter’s tape to create a chevron-inspired stencil and stitched around the tape.

The tape ensures that you get clean lines without having to draw on the bag before stitching. Of course, this one isn’t actually cross-stitching but it’s an easy way to create stitched lines.

So cute and simple.

Next up, a cross-stitched card.

First, print out your heart template (available here). Tape it on your card and use a needle or push pin to poke holes through the front side of the card. Then take your needle and embroidery floss and start stitching! Pull the needle through the holes you’ve created, and create a series of X-shaped stitches, also known as cross-stitch. Tie a knot on the inside of the card when you’ve reached the end, and you’re done!

Last up, our Like gift box.

Inspired by the Facebook Like button, this box is a cute way to tell that special someone you like ’em! Print out a template (available here) and tape to your box. Again, use a push pin or needle to poke holes through the box, around the outline of each letter. Cross-stitch it up, and you’re done!

And that’s a wrap! 3 cute and simple ways to give goodies to the ones you love… er, like :)

What are your favorite projects for DIY Valentines? Talk to us in the comments below.