Earlier this month, we stocked up on hex nuts from the hardware store and created earrings, a bracelet, and a pendant. Well, we’re at it again with hex nuts and, this time, the tutorials are even quicker, simpler, and just as stylish!

Bracelet Materials:
 – suede cord (18 inches)

– 14 small hex nuts

Necklace Materials:
 – gold chain (18 inches)

– 6 medium hex nuts

– gold wire (26 gauge)

First, the bracelet. You’ve likely seen something similar to this all over Pinterest, so we had to try our hand at creating our own version of what is quickly becoming a crafty classic.

Tie a knot at the top and braid as you would any braided bracelet. After about 2 inches, start sliding hex nuts onto the outer edges of each braid step. Repeat until you’re through all your hex nuts.

Create a looped knot at the end to act as your clasp.

And you’re done!

Next, the necklace. This is a pared down take on the one we created a few weeks ago.

Lay out your hex nuts in a design you like. We went with a simple triangle or pyramid shape.

Start with two hex nuts and use wire to wrap around and connect them.

Continue all the way around your shape.

Use that same wire to connect each end of the chain to the pendant you’ve made.

Boom! You’ve got a brand new pendant.

How do you get crafty at the hardware store? Talk to us in the comments below.