The Breakfast Club just turned 30, and no, we can’t believe it either. After rewatching it and all our other fave John Hughes movies for the millionth time, we’re ready to bring back these classic movie looks. We’re talking empire-waist dresses, blazers, totally angular details and enough oversized items to make sure you’re comfortable for every trip to Wally World. Browse this rad list, and get ready for the ultimate movie and fashion montage.

1. The Breakfast Club: High-waisted black pants ($20), you are so versatile. Why did you ever leave us? Get comfortable in or out of detention in these. (Photo via Channel Production Films)

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: No dirty dancin’ for Baby — that’s another movie. Here, she’s a little more covered up and a lot less rebellious, giving the cold shoulder to a young Charlie Sheen (not pictured) in a soft pink blazer ($15) that you could totally rock any day of the week. (Photo via Channel Production Films)

3. Weird Science: They might have brought her to life, but she has a mind and fashion sense of her own. You can get your own ’80s knockout look by copying the gorgeous plunging detail on this mostly black dress ($117). Oh, and wide halter straps are totally ’80s too. (Photo via Universal Pictures)

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: That fringe jacket ($35) looked modern, even back in the ’80s. Take this country look from cowboy to mainstream by pairing it with some bright colors and dark shades. We still totally want to help save Ferris. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)

5. Uncle Buck: Oh, the calamity that was Uncle Buck. While we don’t want you to relive the days of family disasters past, we do want you to look forward to a bright future in these super-skinny maroon jeans ($55). We’re comfortable just looking at them. (Photo via Universal Pictures)

6. National Lampoon’s Vacation: Christie Brinkley shows us you don’t have to show a lot of skin to make a big impression. She’s iconic in this oversized white button down ($30) as she makes a saucy cameo in not one, but two Vacation movies. (Photo via Warner Bros.)

7. Mr. Mom: Mr. Mom — or should we say Mrs. Dad (ugh, gender roles are so dated). You know what’s not dated? This bright tweed blazer ($439) that zooms us way into the 21st century. (Photo via Aaron Spelling Productions / Warner Bros.)

8. National Lampoon’s Vacation: Was there any cuter mom than Ellen Griswold in Vacation? It was a shame what happened to that dog though. Don’t remember? You’re going to have to watch to find out what happens when the Griswolds head west for Wally World. While we don’t suggest copying the vacation, we do think you should get in on her style in this button down ($39). (Photo via Warner Bros.)

9. Pretty in Pink: Oh Molly Ringwald, you’re such an ’80s icon with your sweet girly style. Get this black wool fedora ($16) and accessorize it any way you want. Think brooches, pins and if you’re bold, grab the hot glue gun. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)

10. Sixteen Candles: Drop the puffy sleeves and go for a more streamlined look in this deep-v lavender dress ($40). Bring back the color scheme and pair it with a delicate necklace, and you’ll be all set for your own super stylish ’80s-inspired look. (Photo via Channel Production Films)

11. Some Kind of Wonderful: Tomboy style and drama conquered in Some Kind of Wonderful. This leather motorcycle jacket ($385) is the perfect way for you to get in touch with your inner rebel. Spoiler: This jacket is convertible, which means it doubles as a leather vest. (Photo via Hughes Entertainment / Paramount Pictures)

12. Curly Sue: Gosh, if you want to up the cuteness factor, take a cue from Curly Sue. Get your own suspenders ($56) and dress them down with a white tee to get your everyday adorable look going. (Photo via Hughes Entertainment / Warner Bros.)

13. Pretty in Pink: Okay, so there aren’t any polka dots on this dress, but you’ll get the same feel as the show stopping ’80s classic that gave Ducky something to brag about. It’s original, classic and perfectly feminine. So if you’ve got a big event coming up, you can get pretty in pink too with this dress ($250). (Photo via Paramount Pictures)

What is your favorite John Hughes movie? Let us know in the comments!