Get ready to have “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” stuck in your head for the rest of the day, because The Breakfast Club is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month. We’re pretty sure this movie spoke to all of us when we were in high school, and there are few things we love more than ’80s style. So whether you were the brain, athlete, basket case, princess or criminal, we found 11 unforgettable items you need in your bizarre life.

1. Claire Printable Art ($3): Man, we love our printables. Insta-art? Yes, please. And this modern, vectorized take on one of the ’80s best film characters is amazing.

2. The Breakfast Club Buttons ($12): Bring back the ’80s in a massive way by decorating your favorite denim jacket with the Brat Pack.

3. Minimalistic Movie Poster ($115): One of our favorite movies of all time turned into an infographic? We’re totally in.

4. “Don’t You Forget About Me” Magnet ($5): Relive the greatest scene from the movie whenever you go to the fridge. Ugh, it gets us every time.

5. The Breakfast Club Cross Stitch Pattern ($5): Download this digital pattern and prepare to spend your weekend cross stitching away. The question is: Do you gift it to your BFF or keep it for yourself?

6. Pug Dog Art Print ($16): This oil painting might be one of the greatest interpretations of The Breakfast Club yet. Or maybe we’re just suckers for anything involving dogs.

7. The Breakfast Club Mug ($15): Umm, hello… how perfect is this mug for your morning coffee? Think of it as a daily reminder that you’re a grown adult who can do as she pleases on weekend mornings and doesn’t have to spend them in detention.

8. “Don’t You Forget About Me” Phone Case ($35): Maya Bee’s illustrations kill us with her childlike interpretations. Here, she brings our favorite Brat Pack couple to life in her own unique way.

9. Claire Tote ($22): Don’t be afraid to show everyone you’re a total princess. You’re just telling the truth and that doesn’t make you a b*tch.

10. Don’t Forget About John Bender Tank ($20): Who could ever forget about John Bender? He has some of the best lines, he was the resident badass and he closed the movie with this iconic stance. Dare we say he’s the film’s best character?

11. Tea Infusers ($6): We’re tempted to buy one of these for everyone we know so we can form our own “breakfast club.” We really should drink more tea, and a tea party with our fellow misfits might be just the answer.

Was The Breakfast Club one of your favorite movies when you were a teen? Share your favorite quotes in the comments!