We’re a bunch of movie buffs here at Brit HQ, and there’s a good deal of quoting from our favorites, so it’s only right that we should want to decorate our homes with these design-forward takes on a few of the modern classics. It’s the perfect way to combine our love of design and typography with our love of movies.

Cher As If

1. Clueless Cher Watercolor ($14): Another way to show your devotion to the fashion plate that is Cher Horowitz.

Edward Scissorhands

2. Edward Scissorhands: The colors of this poster perfectly capture the town that welcomes Edward for just a short time. All that’s missing is the topiaries. (via Behance)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

3. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: Designer Kyle Tezak has taken popular movies and distilled them into four recognizable icons. We love his take on this Wes Anderson film, be sure to check out his version of Gatsby as well. (via Kyle Tezak)

Back to the Future

4. Back to the Future ($18): What’s more iconic than the flying DeLorean with a flux capacitor? Maybe only Marty McFly on his hover-skateboard.


5. Inception Minimalist Movie Poster ($20): Can you tell what’s all in your head? This movie poster from Inception might make you start second guessing what’s real and what’s dream.

Empire Records

6. What’s With Today Today? ($20): Who could forget Lucas the armchair philosopher, or rather the leopard sofa philosopher, from Empire Records?


7. Jaws Movie Poster ($19): Even this poster might make us think twice before taking a swim in the ocean.

Annie Hall

8. Annie Hall Movie Poster ($63): How would Alvy Singer browse his memories of Annie Hall? With a slide carousel, of course.

Harry Potter

9. Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone ($50): We love the way the Hogwart’s train acts as the coloring on the owl in this poster with the British version of the title.

Little Miss Sunshine

10. Little Miss Sunshine: Part of a series of posters that highlights recognizable cars from movies, we love this cheery yellow VW bus. (via Cars and Films)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: We love this tech take on the idea that your memories can be erased with help from Lacuna Inc. (via Minimalist Movie Posters)

Home Alone

12. Home Alone ($16): While not the most immediate image that comes to mind with the movie, these paint cans are still immediately recognizable for anyone who watched Kevin outwit the Wet Bandits.

Wes Anderson Color Palette

13. Wes Anderson Color Palette: Okay, this isn’t exactly a movie poster, but rather an exploration of the very distinct color schemes that Wes Anderson uses in each of his films. Which is your favorite? (via Beth Mathews)


14. The Heathers ($19): This poster hints at J.D.’s plans for the school. And no poster for this movie would be complete without croquet mallets.

Toy Story

15. Toy Story ($15): Who could forget the way Andy scrawled his name on Woody’s sole? This might be one of our favorite sentimental movie posters.

Which movie would you want a poster for? Tell us in the comments!