We are obsessed with anything that you can dress up or down. Blazers display the perfect amount of class whether you wear them with silk pants or cut offs! With summer winding down, a stylish light jacket is necessary for your fall wardrobe. Blaze through the season with these 17 fabulous blazers!

1. Buzzword Blazer ($68): Everybody needs a cobalt blue boyfriend blazer. Because, come on, living life in color is so much fun!

2. Versace Daniella Blazer ($528): This is not your basic blazer! A little neon mixed with an abstract print will surely make you stand out!

3. Fluid Blazer ($75): How simple and sweet is this fluid blazer from the Loft? Agree? We are glad you do ;)

4. Embellished Cropped Blazer ($250): We love a good crop top, so why not a crop blazer?

5. Textured Blazer ($116): Go blaze orange with this must-have textured blazer! How great is this non-traditional cut? Cool, right?

6. Flower Printed Blazer ($25): There is nothing like a colorful kimono blazer to brighten your day! Start your week off with this jacket to set yourself up for success.

7. Hoodie Lined Blazer ($99): Cute, comfort, and class all rolled into one? No need to twist our arm!

8. Sleeveless Blazer ($64): This sleeveless denim blazer is perfect for outdoor festivals or date nights. The denim trend is hot, so work it!

9. Striped Blazer ($28): This striped short jacket is everything! And at such an affordable price, there is no reason why one shouldn’t be hanging in our closet.

10. Textured Turquoise Blazer ($150): This Bay Breeze colored blazer has just the right amount of pop. Pair with your favorite gold accessories to match the buttons.

11. Disco Hour Blazer ($228): We hear you are supposed to leave a little sparkle wherever you go, and with this sequined blazer that shouldn’t be too difficult.

12. Pineapple Blazer ($55): Mix a funky pattern — like this pineapple print — with the tailored menswear look and you have the sweetest look of late summer or fall. And if you are feeling REALLY crazy, get the matching shorts. We won’t stop you.

13. Free People Blazer ($148): Rock this edgy blazer by dressing it down with jean cut offs. Heck, you could dress it back up with the right accessories as well!

14. Electric Yellow Blazer ($117): Blind people with your fabulousness in this neon colored blazer. We love it with a black and white undershirt, but we doubt that anything will look bad under this piece. We would even welcome another burst o’ color tucked away in there.

15. Hot Pink Statement Blazer ($233): If you couldn’t tell from all of the picks above, bright blazers are our favorites. This hot pink jacket is sophisticated, yet fun.

16. Classic Twill Blazer ($88): This navy blazer’s name describes it perfectly: classic! These simple, elegant pieces are necessary to your closet because they never go out of style.

17. Knit Blazer ($44): A casual and comfy blazer with a pop of color is right up our alley. This soft knit blazer will keep you cozy as the seasons start to change.

What are your style necessities to blaze through the week? Share them with us in the comments below!