We always love a new music video release, like Janet Jackson鈥檚 surprise 鈥淒ammn Baby.鈥 We especially love a great summer hit on a springy Friday morning, so we were super excited to wake up today and find out that Justin Timberlake had released a video for his new single 鈥淐an鈥檛 Stop The Feeling,鈥 from his upcoming family-friendly kids鈥 musical movie聽Trolls. Of course, if you鈥檝e got JT starring in your movie, you鈥檙e going to need him to do a song, right? Well, with the video鈥檚 drop, we have a whole bunch of questions that need answering.

First of all: Is this the official video, or is it just the 鈥渇irst listen?鈥 And what does 鈥渇irst listen鈥 mean, anyway? In the intro to the song, JT even says, 鈥淭his is the first listen, coming out May 6th.鈥 OK, so why produce a music video if it鈥檚 just a taste? Or is it the whole thing? WE ARE CONFUSED.

Secondly, the subtitle of the video says 鈥淔eaturing the cast of Trolls鈥 鈥 how are they 鈥渇eatured鈥 if they鈥檙e just lip syncing? We love seeing these guys do their thing (hello Gwen in a very Carpool Karaoke setting), but usually, 鈥featuring鈥 means they sing on the song. We鈥檙e also wondering what鈥檚 going on in the studio, and why the rest of the cast wasn鈥檛 there? Wouldn鈥檛 it make sense to be all in the same place? Next, if this is the 鈥渇irst listen鈥 and not the official video, when is that coming out鈥 and will it be animated? Finally, what does this song have to do with Troll dolls? It makes absolutely zero sense to us in relation to a kid鈥檚 movie about Troll dolls.

On the plus side, the vibe of the song is totally fun 鈥 we totally think it could even be the song of the summer. We鈥檙e just, well, confused about this whole pre-release-release business. Or maybe we need another coffee.

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(Image via Jamie McCarthy / Getty)