There’s something so fun about The Late Late Show With James Cordon. He’s so happy to be doing what he’s doing, and his bits (like celebs doing dramatic readings of Kanye West’s tweets) are always on point. Carpool Karaoke is possibly his most popular segment, with more and more singers getting in the passenger seat to belt out their back catalog of hits. It’s always hilarious, but this time, the car is filled to the brim with star power.

This time around, Cordon has the always gorgeous Gwen Stefani sitting in the hot seat. As if that weren’t enough, the singer is joined by two of the biggest actors in Hollywood, and it is 100 percent comedy gold. With James pretending he needs to get to work in a hurry, and that he’d like to drive in the actual carpool lane, he calls a mystery friend on his phone. Well, that friend is none other than George Clooney, who then calls on his Money Monster co-star Julia Roberts to fill out the four seats needed for the ride.

George Clooney belting out “Hollaback Girl” for instance? We could watch this all day. And how cute is Julia back there? James Cordon gets celebs to do all sorts of hilarious stuff, and we love seeing him sing along with all of our favorites, even belting out classics like “We Are The Champions. With bigger and bigger stars getting into the car, we can’t imagine who he’ll get next and can’t wait to find out.

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(Image via JB Lacroix/Getty Images)