Forget the red carpet — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a NEW venue for showing off his best statement-making style: The World Economic Forum.

The 46-year-old showed up to the nonprofit foundation in Davos, Switzerland, for a panel talk on “the importance of education in empowering women” alongside Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, Italian physicist Fabiola Gianotti, and American-Israeli corporate strategistl Orit Gadiesh.

While their discussion was an important one, to be sure, it seemed to be the PM’s socks that stole the show on the style front, with Trudeau sporting a pair of highly noticeable royal purple ones emblazoned with… rubber duckies!?

Lest you thought your eyes were deceiving you, look again — those are indeed ducks on the politician’s tootsies.

The move proved too much for the internet to handle, with one camp less than amused by the attention being drawn to the world leader’s ankles, and others HERE for the *lewk,* taking to social media to sing his praises.

For those that aren’t familiar, Trudeau has a history with expressing himself via his sock choices — just several days prior, he donned a light blue polka pair with serious flair.

Back in September, he struck once more when he clad his extremities in a pair of Chewbacca socks while attending the inaugural Bloomberg Global Business Forum.

Hey, do you, Trudeau!

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 (Photos via Fabric Coffini/AFP, John Moore, + Kevin Dietsch/Getty)