If you missed our announcement, listen up! We’ve got a brand-spanking new line of customizable planners on sale at Target. What do we mean by customizable? There are accessories galore that you can use to make your planner just right for YOU. We’re talking stickers, paper clips, calendars, and even washi tape! To add one more accessory to the mix, we’ve got free printable inserts with some of our favorite B+C infographics. All you need is a printer and a hole punch to make your planner even cuter (if that’s even possible!).

First, though, head to your nearest Target store or Target.com to pick out your planner and other goodies to make it your own.

Now scroll down to see our printables.

We’ll begin with *nearly* unkillable plants. If you’re like me and the only time your thumb is green is when you are painting, you need this chart. And obviously all of its contents. I can attest to the ease of keeping a heart leaf philodendron alive. I’ve had one for 12 years and have no idea how it’s still kicking! Click here for the download.

This insert is clutch if you have vegan friends you cook for frequently or if you’re trying to cut down on how much meat you eat each week. Oh and if you need a good recipe, we’ve got 28 vegan recipes that even meat eaters will love. Click here for the downloadable version.

Perhaps you do have a green thumb and you are looking for the perfect plant for that dimly lit corner in your living room or a spot under your sunlight in the kitchen. This chart will teach you where to put each plant and how much water to give the different varieties. Click here for the free download.

Why have a list of ingredients for smoothies when you can look at them in picture form? I can vouch for the chocolate banana almond smoothie. It’s basically dessert :) Download your insert here.

Finally, we’ve got a handy guide for anyone who wants their garden to flourish. And with an insert in your planner, you’ll see this daily and might even put the rules to memory. Then you’ll be a true gardener! Here is the printable version.

That’s all we’ve got for today. Don’t forget to grab a planner at Target and happy planning!

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Author: Roxy Taghavian

Designer: Marisa Kumtong & Rebecca Fong