The Jenner sisters may be mostly dominating their own style empires these days — we’re talking Kylie’s epic eyeshadow kit and Kendall’s edgy makeover, which, of course, are just the tip of the chic iceberg — but they’re also still working with companies that they signed with back when they were first starting out as modern fashion moguls. They’re releasing their new fall collection with Pacsun, so if you loved ‘90s style, you’re going to absolutely adore this line.

Kylie and Kendall pacsun

“We like to look at our past collections before we begin designing so that we’re always aware of areas where we can challenge ourselves and introduce fun new things to our customer,” Kendall said about the collection, according to Refinery29. This time, those new things are definite fashion throwbacks.

The Kylie & Kendall collection includes over 100 styles that feature all of your fave ‘90s looks. Don’t be deterred by the fact that the gals were born in 1995 and 1997 — and therefore have no recollection of the decade itself. They still do just fine pinning down the ‘90s vibe we loved (and still love!) so much.

Kylie and Kendall pacsun

Graphic Baby T-Shirts ($35) will remind you of the decade’s chill style and the Turtleneck Sweater Tank Tops ($56) are totally on-point with the ‘90s vibe, as are the super trendy overalls, but this time around given the skinny jean treatment with the Jessica Wash Skinny Overalls ($107).

Kylie and Kendall pacsun

The Crochet Bralette ($27) is so reminiscent of ‘90s throwback fashion at its finest, as is the gorgeous (and comfy looking) Surplice Embroidered Romper ($50).

With the collection ranging from XS to XL, these are styles that will look amazing on anyone who wants to give into their nostalgic ‘90s fashion love.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Pacsun)