Smell that? Is that… the smell of young love in the air? Nope, it’s the scent of breaded chicken wafting up from a bed of baby’s breath.

Think back to the most important day of your life circa junior/senior year of high school. Yup, we’re talking about prom. If you could go back in time, what would have made yours better? A date who didn’t get kicked out for bringing a flask? A date who could dance? A date who brought you a corsage you could snack on? KFC is banking on that last one with their latest greasy gimmick: the Chicken Corsage.

Hmm, we’ve been ODing on wearables lately, maybe it’s time for biteables to take the scene. You know, edible arrangements to wear at the next event where you have to stand and schmooze and can’t properly nosh. Eh, okay, that’s it. We’re done here.

Is this what the kids are into these days? Or just people who read and share things online all day? Probably the latter. The idea comes from the company’s #HowDoYouKFC campaign and links back to a Louisville, Kentucky-based florist who is selling a limited edition 100 chicken corsages. Get ’em while they’re hot! Each $20 corsage includes a baby’s breath wrist bouquet and a $5 KFC gift card to BYOChicken. We are all about a family-owned, mom and pop flower shop getting a piece of the web’s meme pie but this gag might be too gag-inducing for us to take it seriously.

This is not exactly what we have in mind when it comes to big companies motivating the maker movement…

What was your prom flower situation like? Share below!