Ever walked into the MoMA and thought to yourself, “Hey, my kid could totally make that!” Us too! So, to celebrate Mother’s Day and the recent launch of our Kids category, we teamed up with Method to create the ultimate art project for the 7 and under crowd (or those who want to feel like they’re 7 and under)! In this installment of our Clean Happy series, we’ll show you how to turn balloons into paint brushes to make a totally unique piece of art.

If you’ve ever created art with little ones, then you know how messy the whole thing can be. That’s why you have to make sure you have plenty of cleaning products to take care of splatter, spills and paint-covered hands. For this project, we went with Method’s Fig + Rhubarb Hand Wash, Waterfall Foaming Hand Wash, and Lime + Sea Salt All-Purpose Cleaner.

Now, let’s get to it!

 – canvas

– Crayola Washable Paint

– water balloons

 – balloon pump

– squeeze bottles

– small buckets or bowls


1. Pour Crayola Washable Paint into squeeze bottles and small buckets.

2. Blow up balloons!

3. Squeeze paint onto canvas and use balloons and brushes to blend colors together. You can move balloons up and down or side to side, depending on what you feel like.

4. Dip balloons into the buckets of paint and simply dot onto the canvas to create a stamped effect.

5. Let dry and display on the wall!

Let’s get messy!

We found that squeeze bottles are the perfect size for kids and grownups alike. Transfer paint into each bottle.

And don’t worry about that mess — you’ve got Method All-Purpose Cleaner to wipe it right up! :)

Next, pour paint into small buckets or cups. Then inflate your balloons. Water balloons work best because they’re itty bitty.

Squeeze paint onto your canvas.

Then use a balloon to dab and smear the paint around. Get good and messy with it!


Set aside your painting, and clean up that mess!

For the next technique, you’re going to use your balloon to dip and dot, creating floral-looking stamps. Squeeze some more paint onto the canvas, then keep dotting with your balloons.

Don’t forget to keep a bucket on hand to contain all those messy balloons!

Once you’re done making your masterpiece, use Method All-Purpose Cleaner to wipe all that paint off your work table.

And use Method Foaming Hand Wash to wash your paint buckets, as well as your hands!

Now don’t those look straight out of the abstract expressionist movement? ;)

And don’t forget, as part of our obsession with bringing more fun and color into your life, we’ve teamed up with Method to give away a year’s supply (!!) of Method cleaning products as well as a $500 Kate Spade gift card! Read all about this monster giveaway right here.

Got any fun kids’ art projects we should try out? Talk to us in the comments below.

This series is a collaboration with Method.