When makeup artist Pat McGrath launched her own makeup line, Labs, back in 2015, they generated so much web traffic the beauty maven said her site could barely keep up. She might want to prepare for another onslaught, ’cause come tomorrow, her latest release, Dark Star 006 ($130) (which all but took over Fall/Winter 2017 runways at Prada, Marni, and Versace), will be available for purchase for just 24 short hours.

That’s right: For one whole day, customers who shop the site directly can be among the first (a group that also likely includes Kim Kardashian West, McGrath’s latest muse) to score the highly coveted kits.

The eye gloss comes in four pigments: blue, brown, or dark matter shades. The collection also comes packed in the brand’s signature couture sequins (like the ones Selena Gomez recently played around with), meant to mimic the blackness of outer space. It’s a “star before it goes supernova, the blackness of a raven’s wing, a kohl-rimmed punk with smoke curling from the cigarette, but also a refined rebellion,” says McGrath in a press release.

A word of caution, however: This stuff isn’t playing around. As Sephora notes on its site, the blue pigment can cause temporary staining, so you’ll want to prep your lids with a primer to ensure you don’t wind up looking like a Smurf.

And, should you miss the sale, or simply need to hold off until your next paycheck, you can get the brown and blue kits over on Sephora’s site come April 21.

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(Photos via Pat McGrath + Frederick M. Brown/Getty)