We all know that cardio is a great way to burn fat, reduce stress, and sleep better, but it isn’t always the most fun. Recently, Alison Brie revealed that she ditched cardio for weight-training to get in tip-top fighting shape for GLOW, and now Kristin Cavallari has shared that cardio is no longer a part of her fitness routine either.

In a new interview with Well + Good, Cavallari detailed her morning routine, which involves getting up with her three kids sometime between 6:30am and 7:30am, making them breakfast, and taking them outside to play. Her nanny relieves her at 9am, when she heads to the gym. “I just lift weights, usually four to five times a week,” she said. “I’ve worked out with a trainer for so many years that I just kind of know what to do now. I guess you could call it circuit training.”

“I don’t do any cardio,” Cavallari continued. “Cardio used to be all I did before I had kids, but once I had them, my lifestyle changed — I’m a much healthier eater and I hardly drink alcohol, so I’ve found that it’s about building and maintaining muscle rather than losing weight now.”

Cavallari also stressed the importance of taking care of yourself from the inside out. In the past, she’s said that she tries to follow the 80/20 rule — eating healthy 80 percent of the time and indulging 20 percent of the time — and that she hasn’t been on a diet in five years.

No single food or fitness approach works for everyone, of course, but it’s always interesting to hear how other people keep it fresh and avoid exercise fatigue — even if that means finding workouts you can do right from your bed.

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(h/t Well + Good; photo via Fred Hayes/Getty)