You know you should do your workout. You said you would be good about it this year, and it’s only 30 minutes out of your day. Oh, but you actually have a lot to do at work this morning, and you need to pick up groceries for dinner, which is going to take a while to make too. Anyway all of your favorite workout clothes are in the wash, plus it’s kind of looking like it’s going to rain. And, but, if… Look, we get it. There are a zillion excuses you can make. But one of these days, you’re gonna have to pull on those yoga pants and sweat. Make it today with one of these short and sweet YouTube workouts featuring easy exercises that even lazy girls can get on board with.

1. Fitness Routine for Lazy People: First of all, you need some motivation, and not just the no excuses!!! kind. (Sorry everyone, but if that worked, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.) Start off with some smart tips from fitness expert Natalie Jill on how to make working out fit into your everyday routine. (via Natalie Jill)

2. Morning Yoga in Bed: Instead of jumping right into cardio and getting fatigued, begin your day with energizing yoga. Best of all, you don’t even have to roll out your mat — you can do these moves from bed. (via TaraStiles)

3. Pilazies (Workout Without Leaving Your Bed): If taking it slow is more your jam, but you want to engage a little bit more than yoga, give Pilates a try. It’ll surprise you how such small movements (even ones you can do in bed) will strengthen your core and leave your abs hurting real good the next day. (via KymNonStop)

4. Workouts for People Who Hate Working Out: Ingrid cuts straight to the chase here. She’s teamed up with our other favorite YouTuber, Cassey Ho, to bring you super simple floor mat exercises you won’t totally hate. (via Ingrid Nilsen)

5. Jillian Michaels Standing Ab Workout: The queen of tough love is gonna go pretty easy on you in this workout. This short circuit cinches your waistline by targeting those abs. (via BeFiT)

6. Five Exercises to Do While Cleaning: You’ve gotta make time to clean, and you’ve gotta make time to exercise. So why not combine them? That’s just called efficiency, friends. (via More Than Mrs.)

7. Seated Cardio Workout: Even if work is so busy that you have to take lunch at your desk, you can still sneak in some chair exercises to combat all that sitting. Get your cubicle mate involved, and you’ll be the talk of the water cooler. (via SparkPeople)

8. 8-Minute Fat-Burning Exercises from Bed: Fitting in a workout while traveling is tough, but not impossible. Check out how you can make the most of your hotel bed with these high-energy moves that will actually work off some calories. (via Joanna Soh)

9. The No Excuse Couch Potato Exercise: Even if you’re confined to the couch on a sick day, you can get moving with these easy seated exercises. (via DoctorOz)

10. Quick Exercises to Do While Watching TV: Who says a Netflix marathon can’t be athletic? Bust out these couch-friendly moves during your next binge sesh, including leg lifts, tricep dips and hip lifts. (via Fitness Magazine)

11. The Lazy Girl’s Arm Workout: Pumping iron does not have to be as loud and sweaty as some people make it out to be. Grab some two to five pound weights and see for yourself. (via PopSugar Fitness)

12. Fitness Routine for Lazy People: Some days, your only plan is to Facebook stalk from the couch and maybe venture out to pick up some wine. This quick vid shows you how to make it all feel a little less guilty. (via Laura Reid)

13. Four Exercises to Shape Up Your Butt the Lazy Way: Sitting on your butt is never going to make it perkier, sorry. But this quick, low-intensity mat workout will. (via Zuzka Light)

14. FitSugar Lazy Girl Workout: Got 10 minutes to spare? Get on the floor and knock this challenging routine out, so you can get back to your regularly scheduled vegging. (via PopSugar Fitness)

15. Commercial Break Core Workout: Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be back after these short messages… and you’ll be that much more active for the day too. (via Tony Horton)

16. The Scientific Seven-Minute Workout: You’ve heard of it, now practice it. This video shouts out the moves to you so that you can concentrate on keeping your intensity high for just seven minutes. (via pelowfig)

How do you stay fit when you’re just not feeling it? Share your favorite lazy girl moves with us @Britandco!