Kylie’s infamous lip kits have a seriously dedicated following — which probably explains why they sell out almost immediately every time a new color launches. But all those rave reviews have been faced with some criticism. One beauty blogger discovered that the formula of Kylie’s lip kits are basically identical to a $6 drugstore buy. Cult beauty icon Jeffree Star also called her out for a faulty applicator after trying her product. But it looks like these two aren’t the only ones with complaints. It was just revealed that the Better Business Bureau gave Kylie Cosmetics a failing grade.

The reality star’s brand received an “F” due to 133 separate complaints the brand has received since she launched her company in November of last year. 69 of those complaints were about delivery issues, while the rest were about general product issues. The company has blamed the excessive delivery issues on their distinct packaging. According to People, the brand says the “packages are being vandalized or stolen.”

So how is Kylie going to help boost her grade with the BBB? Well, she’s rumored to be opening a brick-and-mortar store. That’s one way to get rid of all those delivery complaints, eh?

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