Like her big sisters, Kylie Jenner has her own beauty product line and, of course, the pouty-lipped sister is into the world of lipstick. Kylie鈥檚 Lip Kit聽has been a huge hit since she released the line, but recent formulation changes have had people reexamining the brand. Kylie鈥檚 Lip Kits are decidedly high end and come with a matching cost. With a price tag of $29 (plus tax and shipping, depending on where you鈥檙e buying from), it can be hard to justify the spending. But what if we love this look and wonder if we can get it for less? Beauty blogger Stephanie Nicole just blew Kylie鈥檚 Lip Kit out of the water with her find.

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On Stephanie鈥檚 popular YouTube Channel, she does regular video reviews of different makeup. Since she loved the original Kylie formulation, she decided it was time to review the new formula, and she found some shocking results. Kylie鈥檚 Lip Kit is almost identical to a $6 dupe. That鈥檚 right: You can get the look for a quarter of the price.

Due to her excellent sleuthing, we have learned that not only is the $6 ColourPop dupe almost identical in formulation, it looks as if it鈥檚 the same lipstick in a different tube.

Sharing the above image, Stephanie shows us all the identical ingredients (yellow is the same order, blue is a different order and purple is same pigment in a different order). While there are a few additives in the ColourPop, the key ingredients that make your lipstick look the way it does are all there in both products.

It鈥檚 no secret that ColourPop and Kylie鈥檚 Lip Kit are made by the same manufacturer, a company called Seed, but Kylie has always maintained that her formulation is different than the other beauty brand鈥檚. (Kylie even Instagrammed a photo of herself at ColourPop last year saying she was friends with the company and that she loved them, but that their products were totally different.) Stephanie Nicole points out that, of course, Kylie knows the owners of ColourPop, because they also own a makeup manufacturing company called鈥 you guessed it, Seed. Because of this, the blogger has some choice words for the Kardashians, whom she says she adores and thinks are 鈥済orgeous,鈥 but she lets them know that she鈥檚 not into the way they market themselves based in lying for profit.

Yikes, Kylie. How are you going to explain this one?

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(Photo via Kylie Cosmetics + Ari Perilstein/Getty)