Art may be a subjective thing, but when it comes to art made in the likeness of beloved celebrities, fans have certain… expectations. Beyoncé’s Madame Tussaud’s wax figure caused a ruckus earlier this year when the museum’s NYC location unveiled a creation the Beyhive was none too thrilled with, for instance, as did a floral art tribute of Princess Diana. Now, Lady Gaga’s little Monsters are up in arms over a similar wax figure that recently debuted in Lima, Peru.

While we’ve seen some wild looks from the 31-year-old in the past, such as her alien-like temporary facial implants or her infamous meat dress, no one was prepared for the truly outrageous overseas wax version of the Grammy-winner shared by Twitter user Joanne World Tour.

With scraggly hair, mismatched arms, and a face that didn’t match the gorgeous “Grigio Girls” singer, Twitter had a field day with the work of art, taking to the social media outlet to express their distaste.

Yikes! While we’re not sure what the “Perfect Illusion” singer would think about the wax figure of her likeness, we’re going to go ahead and bet that it’s not exactly her favorite.

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(Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)