Hot off the laser cutter, we’re sending out our brand new Laser Pendant Necklace Kits – a sweet, delicate alternative to our Laser Statement Necklace Kit!

This colorful kit includes everything you need to make two pendant necklaces – one for you, and one for a friend! Get one in our online shop for $25 in Poppy, Lavender, or Mint.

Each kit contains:

– laser cut acrylic tiles

– gold beads

– gold chain

– jewelry wire

– crimp beads

– jump rings

– lobster clasps

– jewelry plier/cutter


1. Cut a 3 to 4 inch length of wire using the jewelry plier/cutter.

2. Fasten one end of wire to a jump ring, using crimp beads.

3. String six gold beads and five acrylic tiles onto the wire, in an alternating pattern.

4. Close off the second end of wire with another jump ring and two crimp beads.

5. Cut two 10-inch lengths of chain using the jewelry plier/cutter.

6. Attach chain and lobster clasp using jump rings.

7. Repeat the whole process for the second necklace, and you’re done!

Grab a kit and let’s get to it!

Using your plier/cutter, cut a 3 to 4 inch length of wire.

String two crimps onto one end, loop the wire around a jump ring, and string that same end back through the two crimps. Then, firmly crunch down those crimp beads using your pliers.

Next up, string six gold beads and five acrylic tiles onto your wire, in an alternating pattern.

Repeat the crimp process to close off the other end, and trim off the excess wire.

Now for the chain and clasp! Cut two 10-inch lengths of chain (or longer/shorter if you’d prefer), and attach the chain to the jump rings at either end of the beaded wire, using your pliers.

Lastly, attach two jump rings and the lobster clasp to the chain ends, and that’s one necklace down!

One more to go! Repeat the same process for the second necklace, using the remaining 5 tiles, beads, chain, and findings, and you’ve got yourself a set!

Surprise a lucky friend with a classy matching necklace that’s a bit more refined than the two-part heart pendant (not gonna lie… we kinda love those, too). It’s all in the details.

If you’re as obsessed with these necklaces as we are, snag all three and make a whole party out of it! And feel free to add a DIY Ceramic Vanity Set to your par-DIY ;)

Which color is your favorite? What other jewelry kits would you like to see in the B+C Shop? Talk to us in the comments below.