Braids: They鈥檙e chic AF, keep you sweat-free and work with any face shape and almost every length of hair. But while braids are a go-to beauty solution for most occasions, sometimes you just need to switch things up. As if on cue, a new style is emerging just in time for fall: the lattice hair look. If you鈥檙e not familiar with this GOT-approved hairdo, don鈥檛 worry 鈥 we got you. The intricate style is made by weaving your hair in small sections over and under to create a beautifully mind-boggling pattern 鈥 think of your typical braid, but on steroids. Need some deets on all the ways you can trick out your tresses with this show-stopping trend? Here are nine lattice hairstyles you can get behind.

5-Strand Dutch Braid on myself today 馃挌 #30DaysNewBraids #30DNBDay9

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1. Ponytail: Long-haired ladies, this one鈥檚 for you. Rock this lattice 鈥榙o to secure your long strands for your next pre-brunch Barre class to stun at the studio and over mimosas.

Braided Loop Waterfall on my friend 馃挌

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2. Waterfall: Don鈥檛 go chasing oh-so boring braids 鈥 opt for a waterfall lattice style instead. Take your mid-length hair game to new heights for a late-summer wedding or fancy date-night look.

3. Baby Braids: If baby braids are your thang, you鈥檒l dig what鈥檚 going on in this pic. Lace your baby braids together over a loose French braid for an effect that will have 鈥檈m swooning. Complete the look with clear elastics for a seamless finish that鈥檚 hard to ignore.

4. Woven Hair: Whether you鈥檙e rockin鈥 Lisa Frank-inspired locks or an HR-approved hue, this woven hairstyle is anything but boring. Complete the look with a side braid and you鈥檙e good to go.

5. Triple Braid: Why rock one boring old braid when you can wear three that are delicately intertwined into a lattice pattern? Unless you鈥檙e seriously talented in the hair department, ask a friend for an extra hand to help create this swoon-worthy style.

6. Ladder Braids: What鈥檚 better than a single fishtail braid? A lattice style that ends in a fishtail paired with two mini braids, that鈥檚 what! Top it off with a lazy girl-approved bun for a statement-making 鈥榙o that鈥檚 great for a GNO. Bonus points if you鈥檝e fully embraced the rainbow trend and are looking for a new way to show it off.

7. Loopy Lattice Hair: If you鈥檝e been searching for a look nobody鈥檚 ever seen, this is it. Loop your locks around a tiny crown braid for a striking, medieval twist on a modern look. You鈥檙e welcome.

8. Lattice Mohawk: This awe-inspiring look is what rainbow dreams are made of. Bring out your inner punk rocker with this mohawk-like braid, pulling out pieces from the bottom half of your braid for a more voluminous effect.

9. Low Pony: Go big or go home, right? Give your tresses some extra love with a quick tease to your ends and a lattice braid on top. This runway-ready, over-the-top style has business in the front and party in the back written all over it. Depending on what kind of business you鈥檙e in, that is.

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