Ever tried to find a cool, new braided hairstyle on the Internet? You type in “easy” and you find eleven-ty billion photos of gorgeous braids so complicated, Houdini couldn’t find his way out of them. This season, change up your look (without the chop) thanks to these unique braids that won’t make you wish you had five extra hands to complete it. Skip the blowdryer and keep your tresses on track with braids that are actually easy.


1. Bohemian Side Braid: This boho braid leaves plenty of room for messy texture. Start with a standard side French braid, secure at your ear and start a fishtail braid from there. Voila! You’ve got fishy perfection. (via The Freckled Fox)


2. Cara D’s Side Braid: Get (side) swept away with a ‘do as red carpet-ready and easy as this one. (via Brit + Co)


3. Half-Up Box Braids: Already have fabulous box braids? Create a gorgeous half-up, half-down look by adding a deep side part and braiding those braids together. (via Mercredie)


4. Upside-Down Braided Bun: Defy gravity with this upside-down look. Flip your hair over and start a Dutch braid from the bottom up. Once you reach your crown, get right side-up and twist it all into a messy bun. (via Barefoot Blonde)


5. Messy Fishtail Braids: Make messy oh-so-pretty with teased fishtail braids. (via Brit + Co)


6. Fishtail Braided Bun: This fishtail French braid takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy peasy. Luckily, there’s a great video to help you get started, and once you’re done, you’ll have the most elegant braided bun. (via Missy Sue)


7. Celtic Knot: This nautical half-up celtic knot is one you’ll need to master before spending a breezy day outside. It’s definitely a more advanced style, but we believe in you! (via Twist Me Pretty)


8. Accessorized Braid: Spruce up your normal braid with a few choice accessories that’ll have you feeling super stylish, whether you’re heading to brunch or running to catch your morning train.


9. Front Row Braid: This rad, asymmetrical front row braid can be pulled together in minutes and varied in so many ways. (via Barefoot Blonde)

10. Goddess Braid: For those days when you want look like a goddess and keep your hair out of your face, you’ll want to rock this look. (via MsDanti1)


11. Double-Braided Ponytail: This double-braided style is perfectly on-trend with its sporty-chic vibes. The Dutch braids are a fun (and simple) alternative to French braids, and the hair-wrapped pony makes this look great for the office or a night out. (via All the Small Things)


12. Rope Twist Braid: Do the twist! With a braid this unique, yet easy to recreate, you might just be tempted to go full-on rainbow highlights with it. (via Hair Romance)


13. Side French Braid: Short-haired ladies need some braid lovin’ too. Make that pixie shine with a simple side French braid. (via Real Simple)


14. Braid Yo’ Bangs: We have three (count ’em) THREE ways to braid those bangs into your ‘do, and all of them will only take you a few minutes. (via Brit + Co)

Are you inspired to try some beautiful braids yet? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!