Whether you’re a regular editor on AWOIAF or you think the HBO blockbuster Game of Thrones is way overrated, you just have to love the intricate braided hairstyles the characters sport. In honor of the upcoming season 4 finale, we’ve rounded up 10 stellar tutorials so you can rock some Westerosian braids of your own. They’re perfect for a viewing party or a summer wedding (or to save for Halloween!). P.S. You won’t find any spoilers here!

1. Shae: Shae’s braid-wrapped crown is a great everyday look that will work on just about any length. Pair it with a low updo and you’re ready for any event. (via LuLu’s)

2. Cersei Lannister: The Queen of Mean’s signature look is long waves with some twists at the crown. With this tutorial, you can get the same ‘do, without laborious extensions. (via Lucky Mag)

3. Daenerys Targaryen: Dany’s Season 4 rope twists mean business. A queen needs a power hairstyle, and so do you. (via YouTube)

4. Sansa Stark: Sansa’s dual French braid twist is another perfect everyday look and simple enough for anyone to master. We love new and unique ways to get our hair out of our eyes. (via Hair Romance)

5. Melisandre of Asshai: The Red Priestess likes to switch up her look, but we’re partial to this version, which pairs a center part with lots of volume at the crown. There are probably lots of ways to achieve a similar look, but this YouTube beauty tutorial is our fave. (via YouTube)

6. Catelyn Stark: This lady’s had a pretty rough character arc, but she knows fighting for your family requires no-nonsense hair. Catelyn achieves that look with a tucked French braid — pretty and practical. (via YouTube)

7. Ygritte: You know nothing, Jon Snow. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. We do know that we love this braided riff on the half-up look. (via YouTube)

8. Khaleesi: The Mother of Dragons could not achieve her drool-worthy braids without her retinue of Dothraki handmaidens. You may not be so lucky, but you can always enlist your best gal pal for a second set of hands! (via Lucky Mag)

9. Cersei: Cersei goes all out for weddings, just like us! This super-complicated looking updo is simplified by threading the ribbon through post-coiling. (via YouTube)

10. Margaery Tyrell: We love Margaery’s combination of good intentions and clever scheming. Plus, she gets the best dresses. Pair this curled and twisted look with a backless dress to channel her style. (via YouTube)

Which braided style will you be sporting come Sunday? Or, did we miss your favorite character? Let us know in the comments!