Move over, falsies. The latest in false eyelashes is lit — literally. Meet f.lashes, adhesive lashes that come with a battery-powered LED light strip.

Created by designer Tien Pham, f.lashes made a glittering debut at at this year’s Maker Faire in the Bay Area. The designer even did a live demo on how simple they are to apply and operate: You just press a button that’s attached to a battery fastened at the back of your head to make the new-fangled beauty creation sparkle. The lashes come in seven different colors and have two modes, sparkle or dance.

If wearing a light strip on your eye sounds, er, blinding, Pham assures folks it isn’t. “I often can’t tell I have them turned on,” he wrote on the brand’s Facebook page. “I have to cup my hand over my eye to see the light. You might see a bit of light when you’re in a dark room, but it’s not much.”

There is bad news, though. The lashes are not available for sale yet. Pham has plans to launch a Kickstarter in July to bring his work of art to the masses.

We’ll be waiting.

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