I was on my way to a wedding a few months ago with a some friends, one of whom was a disheveled dude who was scrambling to get dressed while riding in the back of the car. He had finished buttoning his shirt, then held up his bow tie and asked me for help putting it on. “You MUST know how to tie one of these, right?” he said to me. And though I can certainly tie a regular tie, I bashfully told him that I wasn’t yet skilled on tying a bow tie.

He then asked about 20 other people, none of whom knew how to tie a bow tie. ‘This can’t be that hard!’ I thought. And after that day, I set out on a mission to learn how to master this basic life skill. Guess what? It took me less than a few minutes to get it down! It was way easier than I had anticipated, and as such, I thought I’d pass on my learnings to those of you who are also lacking this fundamental knowledge.

This one is for both ladies and men — because, let’s face it, how hot is it if you can tie your man’s tie? (Answer: very hot.) Sit back, take notes, and enjoy.

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