Ladies love Lilly Pulitzer. That was more than proven after the brand’s collaboration with Target back in spring of 2015. The bold and printed collection sold out in stores and online in what felt like a nanosecond. There are certain brands that have an ultra-dedicated following, and LP is definitely one of them. Case in point: the 90,000 person waitlist that occurred during the most recent online sale.

According to Racked, the brand only puts items on sale twice a year. So when they hosted their “After Party Sale” a couple days ago, fans expectedly rushed to their computers to do some damage. But what awaited them wasn’t an online store full of floral prints. Instead, they were met with a message that they had been placed in a virtual line. But not just any line. A line that was 90,000 customers deep. At least, that was the case when the Racked team tried to score some LP goodies.

Many customers (I’d say something like 90,000) had the same experience. And with nothing to do but wait, they took to Twitter to share how they were feeling.

Was the wait worth it? Looks that way. At least for this lady…

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(Photo via @lillypulitzer)