The day Limited Too was turned into Justice we knew our childhoods would never be the same again. Sure, the new label was still colorful and trendy, but it just wasn’t the same place where we bought our flared jeans, teeny tiny scrunchie shirts and copious amounts of glittery lip gloss. To all of you still mourning the loss of your middle school dream wardrobe, we have some major news: Limited Too is coming back!


According to The New York Post the brand was recently bought by Bluestar Alliance who plans to “bring it all back.” Bluestar Alliance’s co-owner, Ralph Gindi says he has plans to open 200 stores over the next five years. In the meantime, the brand’s merchandise will be sold in department stores (exactly which ones have yet to be announced) starting in fall of 2016.

If this news isn’t enough to get make your Hanson-loving heart go all aflutter, the ’90s teen brand, Delia’s is ALSO rising up from the ashes. The brand shut its doors back in spring, but now when you head to their website you’ll find a “coming soon…” message complete with the hashtag, #DeliasForever. After further investigation (AKA checking their Instagram), we discovered that the beloved brand will reopen as an online shop in August. If you need us we’ll just be over here making some room for all the denim skirts and overalls our wardrobes can handle.

What was your all-time favorite purchase from Limited Too? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Elite Daily and The Odyssey)