Nothing puts us into a nostalgia-fueled tailspin quite like the mention of Delia’s, the teen brand whose catalog was basically responsible for shaping our adolescent style, not to mention the horrendous way we used to type on Instant Messenger. But a dark cloud has been cast over our typical high-pitched reminiscing about the days we’d rush to the mail box during a TRL commercial to thumb through pages of daisy hair clips, square-neck tanks and foam platform sandals after Buzzfeed reported that the brand is currently breaths away from its end. True, Delia’s hasn’t been the dELiA*s we remember for quite some time now — like as soon as inflatable furniture stopped being a thing — but we’re still having a hard time saying goodbye. At least now, we don’t have to worry about our glitter eyeliner running for the emotional sendoff.

Or, if there’s another silver lining, it’s this: even though Delia’s is on its way out, the trends it made so popular throughout the ’90s are actually back in, extremely wearable and, we must say, better looking than ever. So know that every time you slip on a metallic choker or button up your distressed overalls, you’re paying homage to the only fashion catalog that ever really mattered. Scroll through to take a trip down memory lane — all thanks to the incredible Flickr user who uploaded every page of old Delia’s catalog online — plus 10 ways to channel your favorite Delia’s styles today.

1. High-Neck Tanks: This Sporty Spice halter gets an incredibly posh makeover as a high-neck tank ($50) with a split-back detail and a “very now” cropped cut.

2. Jean Skirts: A floor length jean skirt with front slit pockets (oof it hurt to type that) is figure flattering like that reimagined as a pencil skirt ($170). Plus, this patchwork actually looks modern thanks to leather panels.

3. Overalls: Why does the crotch of those overalls start at her knees?! Luckily the denim onesies of today boast a slimmer fit ($178) all over.

4. Chokers: Modern chokers are chicer than we could have ever dreamed. This sculpted number ($98) puts our stretchy ’90s chokers to shame.

5. Sheer Day Dresses: While our see-through obsession is still going strong, we’ve outgrown the ruffled neckline and baby doll cut (and ultra wispy bangs + daisy headbands…) for a more timeless frill-free sheath ($59) with sheer sleeves (and the tights to match).

6. Mock Turtlenecks: Going halvsies with your turtleneck is only something we came to terms with after seeing more modern versions (read: not made of terrycloth). We can’t help but covet this cropped striped shirt ($88) — it oozes French girl style.

7. Floral Maxis: Cartoon-y flower power prints are no match for today’s hyper graphic petal patterns, which feel even breezier as a slitted maxi ($89).

8. Slide Sandals: Raise your hand if you had these chunky foam sandals (and matched your pedi to your grungy cardigan). We’re happy the foam flatform days are over and that today’s slides ($100) are the definition of sleek.

9. Wide Legged Pants: Rule one of styling wide legged trousers: don’t wear a chain wallet. Instead, concentrate on finding the right fit — high-waisted is always the way to go, like with this mustard-hued pair ($28) that looks like a dream with pointed toe boots.

10. Shirt Dresses: Today’s shirt dresses look a lot less like bowling team uniforms and a lot more like the sartorial answer to looking chic in a pinch. Toss on and go with this effortlessly cool indigo shirt dress ($80).

Have we brought you back to your ’90s happy place? What’s your favorite Delia’s memory? Tell us in the comments below.

(Photos missjill via Buzzfeed)