You know the shoes we’re talking about. They probably had your favorite Disney princess or action hero on them, were fastened with velcro straps and flashed all kinds of colors when you made a run for it during that lunchtime game of Red Rover. As much as we loved the flashy shoes, most of us left them behind when we graduated from elementary school. But if you’ve secretly been daydreaming about squeezing your feet into these childhood treasures, we have good news: you totally can.


The folks over at Urbanog have created an LED sneaker that has the same spirit as your 90s kicks, but with a grown-up sort of spin. When the LEDs are turned off, the canvas shoes look a whole lot like a simple pair of vans. But you can also turn the LEDS on and choose whether you want your soles to flash red, green, blue, yellow aqua blue, purple or white.


The charge will last up to four hours and once you’ve stomped all the light out of these guys, they can then be recharged via USB. While these are definitely a novelty, what’s great is that they’re not necessarily marked at a novelty price; snag a pair in khaki, pink, green or blue for just $68. If you ask us, that’s a small price to pay to bring a slice of your childhood back to life.

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