If you鈥檙e a) a woman and/or b) spend any time on the Internet, you might have noticed that there are people out there who feel entitled to make comments about your appearance, your body and your, you know, general womanhood on the daily. Be it street cat callers, politicians or 鈥 this generation鈥檚 cruelest dum-dums 鈥 YouTube trolls. (Psst, we鈥檝e covered how to respectfully and humorously 鈥渉olla鈥 at a woman with DIY printables before.) YouTube star and plus-size vlogger Loey Lane recently decided to dedicate a whole video to her trolls, but the effect is pretty badass.


In a video posted a month ago (that is now gaining traction and has almost one million views) titled 鈥淲hy Fat Girls Shouldn鈥檛 Wear Bikinis,鈥 she addresses the most common critiques she receives from YouTube trolls. From 鈥渂ikinis don鈥檛 look good on bigger girls鈥 to 鈥測ou鈥檙e promoting obesity,鈥 she very sassily responds by saying: 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 realize that there was a meeting, and all of the people who were allowed to come in and decide what was attractive and what was not are now commenters on YouTube.鈥 Ooh, zing! Watch her body positive video below:

In another video, Lane shares: 鈥淭he first time I was told by someone that they admired my confidence, I was flattered. I took it as a compliment, which hopefully, it was meant to be. But as time has gone on and I鈥檝e heard it over and over, I鈥檝e realized that when you鈥檙e my size, confidence is an anomaly. To others, I鈥檓 not confident because of my body 鈥 I鈥檓 confident despite it.鈥 Well, we think you鈥檙e an inspiration, Loey <3

What do you think of Loey Lane鈥檚 body positive message to her haters? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t The Stir, photos via @loeybug)