Lush has been KILLING the bath bomb game as of late. Not only can you now get your spinner fidget fix in bath bar form, but you can turn your bath into a tub full of jelly with a Harry Potter-inspired dark arts bomb too. Now, they’ve just introduced a special, calming Rocket Science Bath Bomb ($6) that is out of this world (LOL).

The bath bomb has already been released in the UK and actually shoots conditioners and little stars in its wake as it makes its way across the galaxy that is your bathtub. How cool is that?

What’s more, the vegan bomb is also chock full of lemon and bergamot, an essential oil which is used in aromatherapy as an anxiety reducer, but also smells citrus-y and delicious.

It also happens to be REALLY pretty: The combination of blues, yellows, greens, and reds makes for a colorful mermaid-y swirl before dissolving — so even your bathwater will be ‘grammable. This rocket is scheduled for landing in the US as of August 15, so be on the lookout for when it arrives.

Happy travels!

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(h/t Bustle; photo via Lush)