We wish every Monday brought us a bromance as majorly meta as this. It all started a year ago, when Ryan Gosling was snapped wearing a t-shirt of Macaulay Culkin from his Home Alone days (hunky refresher below).

Now this past Sunday, Culkin posted a pic of himself on his band Pizza Underground鈥檚 Twitter page sporting a one-of-a-kind throwback Gosling tee. (Oh, boys!) But no, it doesn鈥檛 feature an adorable screenshot showing a feathered-haired Gosling from The Mickey Mouse Club, or even a still from the former child star鈥檚 epic 鈥90s dance routine 鈥 it鈥檚 much more clever than that (after all, we ARE dealing with Kevin McCallister here). Macaulay Culkin is wearing a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Macaulay Culkin:

The mind warp is made even more insane by the fact that Culkin is holding up a Pizza Underground coffee mug WITH HIS FACE PRINTED ON IT, shoulder length scraggly hair, sunglasses and all (WHAT!). We鈥檙e hoping Gosling鈥檚 got an equally awesome follow-up: a t-shirt of Culkin鈥檚 Twitter pic, perhaps? We鈥檒l run with the joke as long as this duo does.

(h/t Buzzfeed)