Gold decor isn’t going out of style any time soon, and we’re always looking for new pieces to add a ritzy-yet-approachable feel to our spaces. The luminous dots pillow from Anthropologie fit the bill perfectly, except for, well, the actual bill. At $58 a pop, they were a bit of a stretch for our budget, and we’d almost hate to actually use them if we brought them home. Happily, in just five easy and affordable steps, you can DIY your own just-as-chic metallic set for a fraction of the price. To keep the cost down even more, we used the weekly 50% off coupons most craft stores offer to buy the foam stamps and paint. The end results? These pillows look good just about anywhere you toss them.

 — 2 white cotton pillow covers
— 2 cushion inserts, feather or down-alternative
— 2-ounce bottle metallic acrylic craft paint in gold
— painter’s tape


foam pouncer set
— measuring tape

— paint dish or plate

— paper towels or scrap paper

 1. Wash, dry and iron the pillow covers

2. Tape off pattern

3. Apply paint with foam pouncer

4. Allow to dry

5. Stuff pillows and admire your craftiness

Wash your pillow covers according to the care instructions, but skip the fabric softener. We don’t want anything to get in the way of our paint sticking. Once dry, get out the ol’ iron and press them, so they’re as wrinkle-free as possible.

Using a tape measure as a guide, plan out desired pattern with pieces of painter’s tape. The inspiration piece has more of an offset/diamond type grid versus our comparatively square layout, but whatever you choose will look equally stylish. To make the painting part easier, take care to avoid seams or areas around the edges (typically the zipper side) where an extra layer of fabric creates a lump.

Give the paint a good shake, and pour about a tablespoon or so into your paint dish or plate (refill as needed). Pro tip: Do this far away from the fabric. Air bubbles and paint splatters are no bueno, but can and do happen. Dab your foam pouncer (we used the 1-1/4″ diameter one) into your fabric paint, remove tape guide and stamp it firmly onto the pillow cover. (We recommend stamping on a paper towel or scrap paper first to get used to how it will stamp.) Continue stamping in lines, a grid, willy nilly — however you like, really — until the fabric is positively gleaming with glitzy gold dots.

Allow fabric to dry completely (about an hour, but depends on how thickly the paint was applied) before stuffing it with the cushion insert. And now for the most fun part: Enjoy styling the pillows all over your place. It’s pretty awesome how neutral gold can really be.

Have you ever hacked an item on your wish list to make it budget friendly? Share your inspiration and DIY projects with us below!