If you’re a DIY-er, a foodie, or chronic repurposer, you’ve likely gotten up close and personal with the mason jar more than once. This iconic piece of glassware has a knack for making its way into every type of project under the sun. Of course, it was only a matter of time before a whole suite of products centered around tricking out this very jar became a reality. From a radio to a cocktail shaker, presenting seven things you had no idea a mason jar could turn into.

1. Sharpener Jar ($30): First up, a quantifiable way to measure your creativity… or at least how often you sharpen your pencil. The laser cut aluminum lid has a handy pencil sharpener attachment, and the whole thing comes with three foil-stamped pencils.

2. Cuppow ($8): The mother of all mason jar hacker products, Cuppow turns any mason jar into a sippy cup, perfect for drinking on the go.

3. Mason Shaker ($29): We originally came across the Mason Shaker on Kickstarter, and have been giggling over it ever since.

4. The Portland Press ($125): Turn your mason jar into a french press? Oh yesss! Made in Portland, this is a simple, clean, and practical press made locally and responsibly. This is currently out of stock, but we’re guessing it will come back soon!

5. The Public Radio ($60): Did you know that your prized mason jar can double as a radio? This genius device is simply an antenna and volume knob, shipped and pre-tuned to the your station of choice. Yep — it’s all about that perfect radio station, which could definitely prove frustrating when commercials come around. While we love the cleverness of this gadget, we’re not sure we’d shell out $60 on a radio that only has one station…

6. Bnto ($9): Inspired by Japanese bento boxes designed to neatly organize all the elements of your lunchbox, Cuppow’s BNTO creates a separate space in your mason jar for dips, dressings, and more. The idea is to separate wet and dry foods to prevent your lunch from becoming a soggy mess.

7. Pour Mason: Gah! This one is sold out :( But, we’re still including on the off-chance that this inspires the makers over at Intel Design Co. to bring it back. It’s a pour-over coffee maker attachment made for a mason jar. Amazing!

What are your favorite mason jar hacks? Perhaps one of these hundred ways to repurpose ’em? Talk to us in the comments below.